Check out these awesome Word Washers my friends @chefcoello @amycoello kids are making to raise money to have Christmas this year #familyof13 #fulltimeministry #rvlife #givingseason #pleaserepostthis ・・・
#Repost via @amycoello: Our kids are making “Word Washers” to raise money for Christmas.
Each person who donates they will pray and ask the Holy Spirit for a specific word to stamp into the washer as they pray for you.
Words are powerful. We are beginning our teaching with them on the power of words and Dr. Masaru Emoto study.

Imagine each one of these glass containers as humans: from our children to our homeless. The power of a word.
You won’t know what word they will hear, but we are teaching them to hear the Holy Spirit for others. Join us on this journey in January where we will be doing weekly videos on John Paul Jackson’s Art of Hearing God for kids.

If you want to donate for a Word Washer and help support them in their journey and raise money for their Christmas you can PayPal Amy@AmyCoello.com Don’t forget to include your address in the note section.